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The role of experienced and competent manpower is critical in a competitive market. As more and more industries start developing and growing at once, they require highly skilled people to cope with it as much as possible. The Pakistani recruitment firm specializing in high quality manpower services has consistently been at the lead in meeting this demand within the flourishing city of Jeddah in Saudi Arab.

Company Overview:

The recruitment agency started with the idea of providing a bridge between extraordinary employees and fruitful businesses that operate within an ever-competitive field. The company is based on location operations from Pakistan and aims at exploiting the large number of skilled people across the whole region as well as placing some of them into jobs in Jeddah, Saudi.


Services Offered

Services we Offer

Recruitment agency provides full range of services on fulfilling various requirements of Jeddah’s companies. These services include:

Skilled Workers

Exploring the Dynamics of Pakistan’s Skilled Worker Market

It is not only Pakistan but a country that has got a vibrant cultural heritage and varied ethnicity. The Pakistani skilled worker market is highly fluid and dynamic due to educational development, advances in technology, and world economy. This paper explores the components of the skilled labour market in Pakistan and elucidates pertinent issues and prospects.

Education and Training

Education and Training is the foundation of any skilled workforce. In recent years, Pakistan has taken steps towards reformation on the development of quality, as well as linkage of curriculums to labour market requirements. Vocational and vocational-technical programs now enjoy a new spotlight as many try to prepare people for the practical needs of industry.

Engineering and Construction

The growing landscape of infrastructure development in Pakistan demands more trained engineers and construction professionals. Due to gigantic projects like China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), now professionals of civil engineers, project managing professionals, among others are needed.

Healthcare Professionals

Over the last few years, Pakistan’s healthcare sector has improved, driving up the need for competent healthcare workers. The healthcare workers comprise of doctors, nurses, and paramedical staff; all whom play a vital role in building the healthcare infrastructure.

Information Technology

The Gulf region is rapidly advancing in technology, and there is a growing demand for IT professionals. Pakistani software developers, system analysts, and IT specialists are sought after for their skills and experience.

Oil and Gas Industry

Countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, major players in the oil and gas industry, require skilled workers for exploration, extraction, and refining processes. Pakistani engineers and technicians are often employed in these critical sectors


With ongoing infrastructure projects, the Gulf countries require skilled engineers, architects, and construction professionals. Pakistani workers, known for their technical expertise, are in high demand in these sectors.

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