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Dynamic International Recruitment Company based in Islamabad, Pakistan recruits specialized skilled workers to fill job positions in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We concentrate on enabling smooth movement of labor towards fulfilling diverse employment opportunities in booming Riyadh’s economy.


We have over 20 years of experience in recruitment field

It has been more than twenty years of experience in recruitment and this makes us a market leader in linking talent and opportunities together. 

With impressive track record in placing various jobseekers successfully in all manner of professions with many organizations within Saudi Arabia as well as the entire Gulf region, we are now a preferred placement partner by almost every company in these areas. 

Our steadfastness towards quality makes us an epitome of dependability in the fast moving field of manpower management.

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Why Choose Our Services?

Extensive Network

With a wide network of respectable employers, locally and globally, we expose prospective candidates for a variety of jobs. This creates better opportunities for a job seeker to be reached by leading companies.

Personalized Approach

We take the necessary time to understand the individual needs and aspirations of our candidates in order to provide a tailored recruitment experience. The work of the team involves creating a feeling of value on candidates during all stages of the process, with targeted consultation, advice, and recommendations

Confidentiality and Trust

We prioritize the highest level of confidentiality concerning candidate information and foster an open and trustworthy working relationship with both our clients and applicants. Privacy is of paramount importance to us, and we consistently conduct ourselves with the utmost moral integrity

Post-Placement Support

We go beyond finding a job for you. Our commitment does not end with landing you that perfect job; we will be there at your side throughout the transition phase and as you get adjusted to your new working environment. We want to build lasting relationships with you through your career growth path.

Industries we offering services

Industries We Serve

We provide full-spectrum recruitment services customized for various marketplaces/industries. We provide our services in several areas like IT, finance, healthcare, engineering, and hospitality just but a few. Using this inside knowledge, we are able to pinpoint star performers who fit certain positions for which we are conducting searches.

Oil & GAS Construction
Logistics & Transport Health and Medicine
Textile Software Services
Security Companies Banking & Finance
Education jobs Sales and Marketing
Real estate IT services
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    The Pakistani Workforce as a Valuable Asset for Saudi Arabia’s Labor Market

    There are many projects with vision 2030 to develop economy in Saudia Arabia in the last years. The Kingdom’s economic diversification and investments into several sectors have led to an increased demand for competent and dedicated workforce. The increasing workforce in countries such as Pakistan where hard-working and skillful manpower has taken up a place in the Saudi Arabian economy.

    The Pakistani Workforce:


    Education and Skill Diversity:


    The Pakistani labor force is experienced, educated and diverse. The country’s huge populace offers a wide range of engineers, medical experts, IT personalities, business managers and many others. In most cases, Pakistani educational system is technology driven with an emphasis on technical and vocation training; thus producing well trained personnel competent enough to work in various fields.


    Work Ethic and Dedication:


    Pakistani employees are considered as diligent and committed. A lot of them come from culture backgrounds that give a lot of significance to commitment, discipline, and diligence. Such commitment usually amounts to enhanced work output at the workplace.


    English Proficiency:


    Pakistani employees are versed in English language as it is widely spoken and taught the country. This linguistic characteristic is, however, an edge to firms in Saudi Arabia whereby English is usually the business language.




    Hiring a Pakistani labor for instance is usually cheaper than the labor of people from certain other countries might be. The affordability is particularly an appealing aspect for Saudi businesses seeking affordable ways of delivering optimal quality results.


    Why Hire Pakistani Labor for Saudi Arabia:


    Cultural Similarities:


    There are close cultural ties between the people of Saudi Arabia and of course, Pakistan, making it easy for the latter group of the employees to mix in their work environment. The cultural affinity assists in building positive working relationships and good communication.


    Skill Alignment with Saudi Needs:


    A significant number of people in the Pakistani workforce have skills that match evolving demands from the Saudis economy. 

    Pakistani professionals have been taking up positions across sectors ranging from engineering and technology to healthcare and construction to offer skills that may further add to what Saudi Arabia wants to achieve in terms of developments.


    Contributions to Economic Growth:


    The use of Pakistan labor in the economy increases bilateral relations and boosts development in the two countries. 

    Saudi Arabs’ experienced and hard working laborers is what they receive while sending dollars to Pakistan which are vital for keeping Pak economy steady.


    Support for Vision 2030:


    Foreign talent and expertise constitute an integral part of the Saudi Vision 2030, which serves as catalyst for innovation and diversifying the economy. 

    This vision is implemented through seeking of labour from Pakistan, which has professionals qualified for participating in Saudis’ economic recovery.

    The interaction between the Pakistan’s labors and the Saudis represents a beneficial partnership whereby they combine and benefit the potentialities of the two nations. 

    The Pakistani labor will continue being essential for the growth of the kingdom on its way towards an economically diverse future. Collaboration and strategic hiring is the way forward towards exploiting the prospects provided by Pakistan’s laboring force in achieving the shared prosperity of both nations while ultimately enabling realization of Vision 2030 aspirations.

    Worldwide Experience

    Our Achievements

    For the past two decades, we have been operating in the Gulf and Europe, delivering top-notch personnel to companies

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