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How to Answer Job Interview Questions Successfully

How to Answers Job Interview Questions Successfully

A good résumé and clever pay negotiations are the bookends of a successful job hunt. The interview, though, is the actual star. In today’s competitive employment market, each job advertising can attract hundreds of applications, and listings can be filled in as little as a few days. In this article, we will share tips on […]

How to attract the right candidates for the job

How to attract the right candidates for the job

For many recruiters, finding the right candidates for the job and convincing them to accept the offer is a difficult task. The recruiting industry is extremely competitive these days, forcing recruiters to brainstorm new ways to identify and attract the best applicants for their available positions. Recruiters encounter several challenges during the recruitment and hiring […]

Rise of Remote Interviewing and its Challenges

Rise of Remote Interviewing and its Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic permanently altered the worldwide workforce. UpWork stated in late 2020 that 41.8 percent of the American workforce worked remotely last year, with an anticipated 26.7 percent projected to continue working from home through 2021, according to the platform. While remote employment was already on the rise, and technology has improved to aid […]

Hiring on Facebook vs LinkedIn

Recruiting on Facebook vs LinkedIn

Professional benefits are certainly not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Facebook, but who says it can’t be beneficial for your work as well as its social aspect? LinkedIn, on the other hand, was founded with the sole aim of connecting professionals, but can it compete with other social media […]

How to get a Recruitment License in Pakistan

How to get a Recruitment License in Pakistan

A person who engages, assists, or recruits anybody to emigrate is known as an Overseas Employment Promoter (OEP). An OEP is a private firm that serves as a connection between human resources and the employer. What does an OEP do? In the private sector, Abroad Employment Promoters play a critical role in promoting overseas employment. […]

Ultimate guide to making right recruiting decisions

guide to making right recruiting decisions

When it comes to business, deciding who to join your team can be one of the biggest decisions you have to make. Whoever you choose could be part of your company for years, if not decades. They could end up coming up with the million-dollar idea that transforms your company, or they could just end […]

9 Interview Questions EVERY Recruiter Should Ask Their Candidates

Interview Questions for Recruiter

Interview Questions Recruiters face enough challenges as it is without worrying if they asked the right questions in an interview. It is essential when determining who the best fit for a job is. Of course, ensuring that a candidate has the required skill set is of primary concern, but it is also important to dig a little […]